Capay Valley American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is dedicated to providing a SAFE, FAIR, and FUN environment for children to learn the game of soccer.  CV AYSO provides a positive athletic experience for the children.  “IT’S FOR THE KIDS!” is an important motto of AYSO. The six AYSO Philosophies include: 

Capay Valley AYSO is committed to implementing all of the 6 AYSO philosophies, especially the philosophy of balanced teams. This means that each team will have an equal opportunity to compete and be successful. Teams are equalized based on age, skill level, ratings (from last year’s coaches), and experience of the player. Accordingly, one CV AYSO goal is to evenly distribute parent involvement among the teams at each given level. Each team will have a balance of the various player skill levels. Stacked and hand-picked teams are not allowed during the regular Fall Season. The ultimate goal is for each child to have fun while developing enthusiasm for the game of soccer and an understanding of the thrill of the game!

Volunteer Coaches, Referees, and Regional Board Members are needed to ensure successful soccer seasons. Volunteer training is available online at: www.aysotraining.org. Contact Trini Campbell at 796-4122 to learn more about CV AYSO's volunteer opportunities.

To learn more about American Youth Soccer League, visit: www.ayso.org. Thank you for visiting this site to learn about how you and your children can participate in Capay Valley AYSO.


Last Soccer Registration

Wednesday July 11, 2012
Esparto Fire House

Registration Fee After July 1, 2012:
$50.00 for the 1st player in the family
$40.00 for the each additional player in the same family
Uniform sets (shorts, socks, and shirt): $20.00

Shirt only .………………………….$11.00

Shorts only…..……………………...$9.00

Socks only….………………………...$5.00

To expedite the registration process at sign-ups, go to:

www.eayso.org and pre-register your child. Bring the signed, printed copy of the player registration form to the sign-ups along with your registration payment. Contact Registrar, Trini Campbell for additional information: 796-4122.