Coach Info

Information for Coaches and interested parents:
This link takes you to the AYSO Area 2D website. AYSO Area 2D includes: Esparto/Capay Valley, Winters, Antelope, Davis, and Rio Linda. Here you can find information about the field locations for Area 2D games along with Fall Season Tournament schedules and contact information for other regions. Information about the AYSO Select Season that happens in each Spring is also located on this site. The AYSO Select Season is an opportunity for players to refine their soccer skills and play teams in Area 2C and Area 2D.
Each coach in AYSO must take the Safe Haven Coach Course and be certified to coach AYSO for the age group they are coaching. Some of the volunteer training is available online for the coaches coaching the younger age groups. To take the online training courses, go to the last link in the above list.
These courses ensure that each volunteer understands the importance of and how to implement the AYSO philosophies and is able to provide a safe, fun, and fair environment for each of the players registered in the Capay Valley AYSO region.