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Safety Info

Discipline shall be up to the referee at each game. 

Misconduct in a game may result in the issuance of either a Yellow Card (caution) or a Red Card (ejection) by the referee to any player or substitute. Coaches and spectators are subject to the same discipline.

Positive coaching is allowed 10 yards to each side of mid-field. Coaches will remain a distance from the touchline and not impede the movement of the assistant referees (linesmen).  It is the coach’s responsibility to control spectators and may be asked to do so by the referee.  A coach may be cautioned verbally for not complying with such a request.  The referee can terminate the game if, in the referee’s opinion, the game cannot continue or be played fairly due to spectator or coach conduct.

If a situation arises where you need help. Please refer to your  Capay Valley AYSO Volunteer Contact List (phone list).  Use this list to locate who best to help you.  If it is a fields question, call the Fields Coordinator. If you need a referee, call the referee scheduled for your game or the Referee Coordinator.