Game 3/4 Play Time

The AYSO Coach Manual reads, "Every child must play 1/2 of every game, however, we recommend strongly that each player play at least 3/4 of every game before any player plays all 4 quarters."

Capay Valley AYSO (CV AYSO) goes further to recommend that each coach should keep a record of positions for the whole season to ensure that each player gets equal playing time over the course of the season. CV AYSO recognizes that positioning players is a balancing act between equal playing time and game strategy.
Attached is the excel spreadsheet to keep track of how much each player is playing over the course of the season. In the right column, write the players names. In the top row, write the game dates. 1,2,3,4 refers to the 4 quarters in the game. In each small square put an "x" or shade in the square for every quarter NOT played. Or put "D" for defense, "f" forward, or "m" for midfielder. You may use whichever system you prefer. The goal is for all the players to play an equal amount of time throughout the season and that they get a chance to play all of the positions throughout the season.

For simplicity's sake at U12 have each player in only one or two positions per game so that he gets a feel for that position. So if a player plays forward one week, she'll/he'll play defense next week, goalie the following, etc.  Players should not be pegged into a particular position until the age of about 15 years old. Even at the older age groups, players should try different positions on the fields during the season. Players who know all the positions will be more effective at defeating positions because they will know the weaknesses.

Now is our chance to develop well-rounded players. Our goal is to develop players, not to win every game.

Jay Ballinger,
Jun 4, 2009, 5:44 PM