What Parents Need To Know

Capay Valley AYSO, Region 1312, plays soccer games with other AYSO regions in our Area both away and at our home fields. The other regions include: Antelope, Davis, Winters, and Rio Linda. The U6 age group plays games within the region. The U8 age group travels to Winters to play games. The U10, U12, U14, U16, and U19 age groups travel to play games with other regions and play home games in Esparto at the Esparto Elementary and Middle Schools. There is an Area Tournament in mid-November. Additional game opportunities are available after the regular Fall Season including the Concord Cup and the Davis World Cup. These tournaments require a team registration fee that is not a part of the regular Fall Season registration. Teams wishing to participate in the extra tournaments are encouraged to raise funds. Deadlines for extra tournament registration are typically in mid-Winter.

Because AYSO is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, the success of the youth soccer program depends on the dedicated service of community volunteers. Coaches, Referees, and Regional Board Members are volunteers who value the game of soccer and devote their time and energy to the program for the benefit of the youth and families in our community. No soccer experience is required to become an AYSO volunteer and training is provided.

AYSO is an international youth soccer organization with many years of experience and expertise. Here is some information on how you can support Capay Valley AYSO specifically, and all of AYSO in general:

  • All players must wear shin guards and must have socks over their shin guards
  • No jewelry of any kind - including no earrings at all (cannot tape over them)
  • Fingernails should be trimmed
  • No metal hair clips or anything hard which poses a danger to any player
  • No football style cleats (no toe cleat, no metal)
  • Tennis shoes are OK
  • Never let children play on goal or hang on goals. Children should not help move any of the goals. These are heavy structures which could severely injure someone if the goal tips over.
  • Do not leave child unattended after games and practices 
  • If an injury occurs, call the Safety Director at 530-304-6498.
  • No coaches or parents near goals during games, please stay along the touchlines no closer than the top of the Penalty Area.

Spectators and Parents:

The Capay Valley Region endorses the AYSO “Kids Zone” program. Parents and spectators are to remain at least 3 yards from the touchlines (sidelines). Where practical, opposing team spectators will stay on opposite sides of the field. Where not practical, and both teams are on the same side of the field, opposing team’s spectators will stay in their teams’ half of the field. There shall be no coaching from spectators on the sidelines and only positive encouragement will be allowed. Disrespect for players, coaches, game officials, or fellow parents/spectators will not be tolerated. This includes disparaging remarks, directed to anyone, gestures or repeated disobedience to a referee’s request. Any and all remarks of a racial nature will be immediately reported. Profanity is prohibited as is the use of any alcohol or tobacco in the vicinity of the playing field.

Please do not park in front of the garbage dumpsters at the Esparto Middle School during soccer practice.  Custodians cannot access the dumpsters if they are blocked by vehicles.

Children and parents must pick up all trash on the fields whether it is theirs, AYSO's or not.  Make it a regular part of ending practice and games. When a parent brings snack, they should bring a trash bag to collect wrappers. Please leave the fields better than we found them. 

For more information on soccer, check out the national AYSO website, www.ayso.org

Please arrive early to games and practices. Get maps as needed. For Davis or Winters, see "fields" on www.davisayso.org

Practices are at the coach’s discretion and may be cancelled for rain, poor air quality, hot weather, etc.  Evening practices are encouraged.  Recommend coaches require players to bring water bottle/container.

Refunds:  100% refunds can be made prior to 1 August, none thereafter.

Referees are awesome, super dedicated volunteers! Please be kind and respectful. We need our refs to feel appreciated! Say “Thank you!”

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